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Третьяковская галерея. Часть первая: семья Третьяковых

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Државна галерија Третjаков. Први део: Породица Третjаков


The merchant family Tretyakov traces its history from the county town of Maloyaroslavets of Kaluga governorate. Generations of the Tretyakov’s successfully expanded trade and increased capital. Things were especially good with Mikhail Zakharovich Tretyakov (1801–1850) and it was possible because of his successful marriage to Alexandra Danilovna Borisova (1812–1899). Their first son Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov (the future founder of the famous art gallery) was born in December 1832.

Tretyakov Pavel Mikhailovich. 1891


After him, the second son Sergey was born (in 1834) and then five more children.

Tretyakov Sergey Mikhailovich. 1880-s

In 1850, died Mikhail Zakharovich Tretyakov. After his death, all movable and immovable property went to two sons, Pavel and Sergey, who successfully continued the father’s trading business.

Tretyakov Sergey Mikhailovich. 1856

The youngest of the Tretyakov-brothers Sergey was married twice. In 1856, his wedding took place with Elizabeth Sergeevna Mazurina (1837–1860). A happy marriage did not last long: his wife, having managed to give her husband an heir (son Nikolai, 1857-1896), died in 1860.

The mansion of S. M. Tretyakov on Prechistensky Boulevard in Moscow.

In 1868, Sergei Mikhailovich entered into a second marriage with Elena Andreevna Matveeva.

Elena Tretyakova (1875, Paris, France)


“Moonlit Night” (Kramskoy, Ivan Nikolaevich). The second wife of S. M. Tretyakova, Elena Andreevna, was the model for the artist on this painting.


S. M. Tretyakov (1834–1892). Engraving by V.V. Mate, from a photograph by A. Yasvoin.


The eldest of the Tretyakov brothers (Pavel) did not marry for a long time. In August 1865 his wedding took place with Vera Nikolaevna Mamontova (1844–1899). It was the beginning of a long happy family life.

Family P. M. Tretyakov (seven children). 1884

Pavel Mikhailovich and Vera Nikolaevna were people subtly feeling nature, art, music. Their children grew up the same. The Tretyakov’s loved to travel (with and without children) in their native country and abroad.

Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov himself made long long trips every year.

Having provided for his family financially, he believed that money should serve a better purpose than simply wasting for “everyday”-needs: “My basic idea was that money (earned from a very young age) would be returned to the society in any useful institutions; this thought never left me in my whole life. And also, the saved money should be such that would not allow a person to live without labor.”

I.E. Repin. Portrait of Pavel Tretyakov. 1901

Pavel Mikhailovich himself worked very hard and didn’t have too much free time. Commercial and industrial matters took up most of the time, and the rest of the time was devoted to the beloved brainchild – the gallery (visiting exhibitions, artists, building work in the gallery, hanging, compiling a catalog, etc.).

Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov (1832 – 1898) – Russian businessman, philanthropist, collector of Russian fine art, founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Honorary Citizen of Moscow (1896).

There was also charity work. Pavel Mikhailovich did many good things in his life, and of course, he was a member of various societies – art, charity, commercial. According to his will, a lot of money were allocated for the maintenance of the gallery, for various scholarships, etc.

P.M. Tretyakov died in December 1898. After 3 months, his wife Vera Nikolaevna also died.

Monument to the Pavel Tretyakov in front of the Tretyakov Gallery.


100 years of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Postage stamp, USSR, 40 kopecks. (1956 year).


125 years of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Postcard with the original stamp, USSR, 1981.


150 years of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Post block, Russia, 15 rubles. (2006 year).
Patrons of Russia. P. M. Tretyakov. Envelope with the original stamp, special cancellation, Russia, 2010.

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