Born on 4th of October, 1969 (Bor, Republic of Serbia).  

Lives and works in Siberia (Surgut, Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Region – Yugra, Russian Federation).  

If you want to know some more details about me, you’ll need to read carefully my previous three books, or just listen some of my songs:  



Graduated on primary school in Bor (Serbia): Primary School “29. November ” (from first to fourth grade) and Primary School ” 3. October ” (from the fourth to the eighth grade). 

Also, in the city of Bor – finished the secondary (4 years) electromechanical school “Bora Stankovic”. 

I was a member of Football Club “Bor” and successfully played football in the junior categories of the same club, during the 10 years of my career. 

The Yugoslav national army served in Sombor and Pristina for one year (September 1988 – September 1989). 

After the army – graduated on Belgrade University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. 

The state exam (provided for engineers) passed with excellent success in 2005 (the Chamber of Engineers of Serbia, Belgrade). 

In 2006 – received a license of the highest professional level: 

– Responsible designer in the field of thermodynamics, thermal energy, process and gas technology (Chamber of Engineers of Serbia, license № 330 C732 06). 

– Responsible executor of works (installation works) in the field of thermodynamics, thermal energy, process and gas engineering (Chamber of Engineers of Serbia, license № 430 9643 06). 

Since March 2009 I have been living in Russia. Father of seven-year-old son. Love sports and music.

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