The Player. Photo gallery

You can read the text in Russian here:

Игрок. Фотогалерея


You can read the text in Serbian here:

Играч. Фото галерија


The Player: photo-session by Vasily Tarasov. Date of happening: January 2018.

Place of photo-shooting:

restaurant “SEVEN

(Shopping Center “ON THE TOP”, on Russian: “ВЕРШИНА”,

city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, Russian Federation).

On photos: Dragan Sokolov.

The purpose of this photo-session:

preparation for the presentation of the fourth book of the “Siberian Falcon” (Dragan Sokolov):


(the book was published later – October 4, 2019 in the city of Bor, Republic of Serbia).

The Player

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Siberian Falcon:

Balkan soul in the heart of Siberia!

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