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Maternity hospital in the city of Kraljevo, Republic of Serbia. Date: August 20, nineteen eighty-two. On that day, God was in a very good “sports” mood. From the folder “TALENT” he pulled out a note with the inscription “BASKETBALL” and hung it on the cradle of a newborn boy, the second son in the Lepojevic family, from mother Koviljka and father Momchilo.

The Lepojevic brothers: Nikola and Borko. “Cantina De Frida” Restaurant (on Serbian: „Фрида“) in Belgrade, Serbia; spring 2019. (Photo from private archive.)

Two years older brother Borko was looking forward to that wonderful “gift” his parents had prepared, but he had no idea that ten years later, that little baby-boy will become his “serious contender” under basketball hoops.

Nikola Lepojevic in the BC “Red Star” jersey (Belgrade, Serbia; on Serbian: „Црвенa Звездa“; season: 2004-2005). Photo taken from the site:
Logo of popular “red-white”. BC Red Star is a Serbian professional basketball club from Belgrade and also a part of the Red Star Sports Society.

Continuation of this story about one successful and unusual sports career – coming soon!


Siberian Falcon in the company of Nikola Lepojevic. “Cantina De Frida” Restaurant in Belgrade (Serbia), spring 2019. (Photo from private archive.)

Second part:


Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Siberian Falcon:

The Balkan soul in the heart of Siberia!

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