Tretyakov Gallery. Part №5: “Partnership of the Wanderers” – Karl Bryullov

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Tretyakov Gallery. Part №4: Portraits and paintings of the artist Ilya Repin

Russian text:

Третьяковская галерея. Часть №5: «Товарищество передвижников» — Карл Брюллов

Serbian text:

Државна галерија Третјаков. Наставак №5: Партнерство „луталица“ – Карл Брјулов


Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (Bryulov) (1799 – 1852) – Russian artist, painter, monumentalist, watercolorist, representative of classicism and romanticism. One of the participants in the famous Partnership of Traveling Exhibitions, which provided the Tretyakov Gallery with a lot of real art masterpieces.

K. P. Bryullov in the picture of F. S. Zavyalov, 1844


The Partnership of Traveling Art Exhibitions (briefly: Peredvizhniki or the The Wanderers) is an association of Russian artists. Established: 1863. Date of liquidation: 1923.

A group of members of the Partnership of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1886). Sitting (from left to right): S. N. Ammosov, A. A. Kiselev, N. V. Nevrev, V. E. Makovsky, A. D. Litovchenko, I. M. Pryanishnikov, K. V. Lemokh, I. N. Kramskoy, I. E. Repin, Ivanov (serving on the board of the partnership), N. E. Makovsky. Standing (from left to right): G. G. Myasoedov, K. A. Savitsky, V. D. Polenov, E. E. Volkov, V. I. Surikov, I. I. Shishkin, N. A. Yaroshenko, P. A. Bryullov, A.K. Beggrov.


The work of K. P. Bryullov became the pinnacle of late Russian romanticism, when a sense of harmonious integrity and beauty of the world was replaced by a sense of tragedy and conflict of life, an interest in strong passions, unusual topics and situations.

Portrait of Adjutant General Count Vasily Alekseevich Perovsky, 1837. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

The historical picture is again coming to the forefront, but now its main theme is not the struggle of heroes, as in classicism, but the fate of huge human masses.

“The Horsewoman”, 1832. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

An outstanding master of both ceremonial and chamber portraits, Bryullov made evolutionary for the era of romanticism in his work – from the joyful acceptance of the life of early works (“The Horsewoman”, 1832) to the complicated psychology of the later ones (Self-Portrait, 1848), anticipating the achievement of the second masters half a century, for example, such as I. E. Repin.

“Riders. Pair portrait of E. Mussar and E. Mussar”. 1849. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Bryullov had a huge influence on Russian artists, among whom he had many followers and imitators.

Portrait of G. N. and V. A. Olenins. 1827. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Karl Pavlovich Bryullov died at the age of 52, in the town of Manziana near Rome, where he was treated with mineral waters.

Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. Self-Portrait, 1848.

The artist was buried in the Protestant cemetery of Monte Testaccio, according to the Lutheran rite.

“Interrupted date (Water already runs over the edge)”, 1827. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

On the monument of the sculptor M. O. Mikeshin “Millennium of Russia”, set in Novgorod in 1862, K. P. Bryullov is depicted among 16 figures of writers and artists of the Russian state from ancient times to the middle of the XIX century.

Portrait of fabulist I. A. Krylov, 1839. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

The artistic masterpieces of Karl Bryullov, which are in the State Russian Museum, in St. Petersburg:

“Olga Ferzen on a donkey”, 1835. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.


“Portrait of Princess E.P. Saltykov”, 1833-1835. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Postage stamp USSR 1957. 200 years of the Academy of Arts K. P. Bryullov, I. E. Repin, V. I. Surikov.


“The Last Day of Pompeii” (1830-33) by Karl Bryullov (1799-1852). Postage stamp of the Soviet Union (1968).

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