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«Реберная №1» в Москве. Фотогалерея

Text in Serbian:

„Ребарца №1“ у Москви. Фото-галериjа


If you’re already tired a little bit (and also – very hungry!) after long walks through the streets of Moscow, I suggest you the following: “Ribs №1” – a grill bar and nice restaurant with a clear menu for those who like to drink beer and have a tasty snack, as in a summer house.

“Ribs №1”. Address: Theater Square №5/2, Moscow, Russian Federation


Every day, in an open kitchen (on a large spinning grill!), Cooks fry more than 120 kg of juicy pork, lamb and beef ribs. For those who prefer all kinds of “American food” to their native Russian ribs, so be it – the chefs left a couple of burgers and wings on the menu!

The menu of the restaurant


Wine card


Almost all kinds of alcoholic cocktails


As for the range of a bar and drinks, this wonderful restaurant has the following: 12 different sorts of beers, from the classic light “Zhiguli” and “Blanche de Mazay” to the trendy Japanese “Kirin Ichiban” and “Punk IPA” from the “BrewDog” brewing company.



Zhiguli Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Russia. The plant was built in 1881 by an Austrian citizen Alfred Filippovich von Wakano. The plant is located on the banks of the Volga River in the city of Samara. It was at this factory that the famous Zhiguli beer was originally produced.


Zhigulevskoye is a Soviet variety of light beer that is widely distributed in the former USSR (at the peak of its prevalence, 735 breweries of the country brewed it).


BLANCHE DE MAZAY. Brand: Volkovskaya Brewery. White wheat beer brewed using American Mosaic hops, creating an interesting rich taste and bright aroma, in which it is easy to identify the tones of tropical fruits and meadow flowers.


Brewdog’s “Punk IPA” (Scotland) is a brewery bestseller, a beer that launched a style revolution, protesting mass production. Its multi-level taste conquers with explosive shades of tropical fruits, which perfectly combine with bright hop bitterness. Such a merger works like a swing, the dialectic of opposites makes the taste of beer unforgettable, at the same time classic and very modern. To create Punk IPA beer, Extra Pale malt and six hops (Chinook, Ahtanum, Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin) are used.


Beer “Kirin Ichiban” is positioned as a Japanese premium beer. Ichiban in Japanese means “first.” Beer got this name because the unique press first brewing process is used in the production process.


Gentleman’s Room


Ladies room


Through the window of the restaurant you have a very beautiful view of the Bolshoi Theater


The restaurant is located in close proximity to the Bolshoi Theater and very close to the Kremlin.


The most delicious ribs in Moscow!


The motto of the restaurant: “We play with fire, and it turns out delicious!”


Ribs are obtained simply – fire!


“Ribs №1”, Moscow, Russia. Let’s travel with the Siberian Falcon!


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Siberian Falcon:


The Balkan soul in the heart of Siberia!


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