The year of grace was 1973 and an explosive film appeared on Italian screens.

The protagonist was a woman, an Istrian refugee, born in Pula in 1941, graduated from the Higher Institute of Physical Education in Rome, who appeared rather undressed in some erotic comedies of the time.

The film was “Malizia” and the protagonist – Laura Antonelli.

The young maid Angelina (Laura Antonelli) falls into the life of a respectable and elderly wealthy, recently widowed, with three children.

The youngest of them, fourteen-year-old Nino is deeply troubled.

He looks at Angelina, in whose body he discovers the overwhelming call of sexuality.

The audience literally went crazy for Malizia.

Angelina’s scene on a ladder showing the stockings supported by the garter belt to the stunned Nino is an unforgettable passage.

From that moment Laura Antonelli was shrouded in mythology.

Luchino Visconti called Laura Antonelli the most beautiful female face in the world.
In 1991 Laura Antonelli was arrested in her beautiful villa in Cerveteri. The media pillory explodes. And the life of Laura Antonelli literally explodes.
The accusation is serious: she used the “white powder”. Moreover, she is first convicted: drug dealer. Then later acquitted: just consumer.
She was the shining star of a seemingly boundless firmament, not forgetting her stormy engagement to Jean-Paul Belmondo. Unfortunately, the love story with Belmondo ended definitively in 1980.
Laura Antonelli died of a heart attack on June 22, 2015 in Ladispoli, Italy. In a modest house. Alone. But we will not forget this wonderful actress. Never.

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