We started the story called “SF”-ladies with Norwegian Princess – HILDE OSLAND. Absolutely unique beauty and some kind of magic are the basic characteristics of this unbelievable women.

She is an internationally renowned supermodel. She is also a singer. But above all, she is a good wife to her husband and a wonderful mother to a wonderful son.

Her husband is also her private photographer. Maybe this is the main reason why her photos are absolutely unique and fantastic.

Hilde Osland has long been my heroine.

I made a several videos with my own author’s music combined with magic photos of Hilde. The most popular video has 163 thousand views on my YouTube channel.

BOHEMIAN SONG has collected about 163 thousand views around the world. The second video for the author’s song AEROEXPRESS has collected about 113 thousand views.

The Siberian Falcon has prepared just a few photos of Hilda for you, but you can find her on Instagram, YouTube and everywhere in this huge internet space.

I wish all the best to Hilda and her wonderful family. Plus, I hope we will continue to enjoy seeing her in magical photographs in the future.

Thank you Hilda, see you soon! Happy New Year!!

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