Text in Serbian:

Сиђи до реке. Фото-галериjа


Text in Russian:

Набережная Москвы-реки. Фотогалерея


If you are a little-bit tired of long walks along the streets of the grandiose city of Moscow (or maybe your legs started to hurt very much, because you stood in numerous galleries and museums for a long time), I suggest the following – just go down to the embankment of the Moscow River and enjoy life.

Get some fresh air. Enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility of the river. Sometimes you just need a short break to put your thoughts and impressions in order.

If you are hungry by accident, I suggest to you a very tasty “hot dog” and just magic boiled corn.

Enjoy your “flight” – enjoy a small photo collage of the Siberian Falcon! Live and rejoice!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Siberian Falcon:


Balkan soul in the heart of Siberia!


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